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Antique magazine cover

Antiques Magazine

“Pleasant Days: A Millionaire’s Dream Castle” (July 2005)


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Apollo magazine cover


Grandeur and Decay: Charles Latham's Gardens of Italy: From the Archives of Country Lifeby Helena Attlee (July 2010)

Two Elusive Gardeners (February 2008)

Lush Gardens of Luxury: Villa Gardens of the Mediterranean by Kathryn Bradley-Hole (December 2006)

“Gravetye Manor: Home of the Robinsonian Garden” (April 2005)

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Arnoldia magazine cover


"Rose Standish Nichols, A Proper Bostonian” (Winter 1999-2000)

“Ellen Biddle Shipman’s New England Gardens” (Spring 1997)

Keeping Eden by Walter Punch (Fall 1992)

The Golden Age of American Gardens by Mac Griswold and Eleanor Weller (Spring 1992)

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Arts & Crafts Homes magazine cover

Arts & Crafts Homes

“Ragdale: A Perfect Arts and Crafts Retreat” (Spring 2006)

“The Arts & Crafts Garden” (Spring 2005)

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Country Life magazine cover

Country Lif#

"Unravelling Jekyll's Riddle: The Manor House at Upton Grey"
(September 21, 2011)

"Gertrude Jekyll at Home" (April 27, 2011)

"Return to Munstead Wood" (April 20, 2011)

“Where Flowers Bloom in the Sands: Gertrude Jekyll’s Long-lost
Watercolours of Her Mediterranean Travels”
(March 12, 1998)

“Miss Jekyll’s True Colours” (March 15 1997)

“Moon Scapes” (May 9, 1996)

“A Perfect Understanding: Gertrude Jekyll’s Old West Surrey Architecture” (March 2, 1995)

“Gertrude Jekyll Photographer” (January 4, 1990)

Gertrude Jekyll by Sally Festing (October 10, 1991)

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Garden Design cover

Garden Design

“Landscape: Jacksonville’s Long Lost Gardens” (March 2010)

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Garden History Cover

Garden History

Steward of the Land: Thomas Affleck by Lake Douglas (Winter 2015)

Edward Godfrey Lawson: Photographs and Drawings of Italian Renaissance Gardens by James O'Day (Summer 2014)

An Infinity of Graces: Cecil Ross Pinsent: An English Architect in the Italian Landscape, by Ethne Clark (Winter 2013)

Edwardian Country Life: The Story of H. Avray Tipping by Helena Gerrish (Summer 2012)

The Well-Connected Gardener: Alicia Amherst by Sue Minter (Winter 2011)

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Horticulture magazine cover


“Splendor Restored” (April 2003)

“Restoration Drama: A New Hampshire Pleasure Garden Blooms Again” (June 2001)

“The Artistry of Ellen Shipman” (January 1997)

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Hortus magazine cover


"American Book Notes" (Winter 2017)

"Moving On From Country Life" (Winter 2016)

Outstanding American Gardens: A Celebration by Page Dickey and Rescuing Eden: Preserving America's Historic Gardens by Caroline Seebolm and Curtice Taylor (Winter 2015)

The Artist's Garden: American Impressionism and the Garden Movement by Anna O. Marley (Autumn 2015)

America's Romance with the English Garden by Thomas Mickey (Autumn 2014)

Gertrude Jekyll: Her Art Restored at Upton Grey by Rosamund Wallinger (Summer 2013)

Gardens for a Beautiful America by Sam Watters
(Winter 2012)

The Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc (Summer 2012)

"The Turning Tide: America's Best Gardening Books Published in the Last Twenty-Five Years" (Winter 2011)

One Writer's Garden: Eudora Welty's Home Place by Susan Haltrom and Jane Roy Brown (Autumn 2011)

Envisioning the Garden by Robert Mallet (Spring 2011)

Romantic Gardens: Nature, Art, and Landscape Design by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, et al. (Autumn 2010)

Charles Latham's Gardens of Italy: From the Archives of Country Life by Helena Attlee (Winter 2009)

Paradise of Exiles by Katie Campbell (Autumn 2009)

William Robinson: The Wild Gardener by Richard Bisgrove (Winter 2008)

“Garland Farm: Beatrix Farrand’s Last Home and Garden” (Winter 2007)

Norah Lindsay: The Life and Art of a Garden Maker by Allyson Hayward (Winter 2007)

Italian Gardens by Helena Attlee (Winter 2006)

The Unknown Gertrude Jekyll by Martin Wood (Summer 2006)

English Gardens in the 20th Century by Tim Richardson (Autumn 2005)

“The Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain and Beyond” (Summer 2005)

Lost Gardens of England by Kathryn Bradley-Hole (Autumn 2004)

La Foce: A Garden and Landscape in Tuscany by Benedetta Origo et al. (Spring 2002)

“Judith Tankard’s American Book Notes” (Winter 2002, Spring 2003, Winter 2003, Summer 2004, Spring 2005)

Notes from Madoo: Making a Garden in the Hamptons by Robert Dash (Spring 2001)

The English Garden Through the Twentieth Century by Jane Brown (Winter 1999)

Scottish Houses and Garden by Ian Gow (Autumn 1999)

Edith Wharton’s Italian Gardens by Vivian Russell (Spring 1999)

So Fine a Prospect by Alan Emmet (Summer 1997)

“Emerging from Obscurity: Ellen Biddle Shipman’s Garden Artistry” (Spring 1997)

The Muses of Gwinn by Robin Karson (Winter 1996)

“Memories of Munstead Wood” (Summer 1996)

Grandmother’s Garden by May Brawley Hill (Spring 1996)

“Gardening with Country Life” (Summer 1994)

“William Robinson and the Art of the Book” (Autumn 1993)

“The Garden Before Munstead Wood” (Winter 1991)

“A Perennial Favourite: William Robinson’s The English Flower Garden” (Spring 1991)

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Journal of the New England Garden History Society magazine cover

Journal of the New England Garden History Society

“Henry Davis Sleeper’s Gardens at Beauport” (2002)

“Of Books and Archives: An American Perspective on Gertrude Jekyll’s Legacy” (1999)

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Landscape Architecture magazine cover

Landscape Architecture

Almost Home: The Public Landscapes of Gertrude Jekyll by Kristine Miller (September 2013)

Of Gardens: Select Essays by Paula Deitz (March 2011)

Designing the Maine Landscape by Theresa Mattor and Lucie Teegarden (October 2009)

Long Island Landscapes and the Women Who Designed Them by Cynthia Zaitzevsky (May 2009)

Designing the Maine Landscape by Theresa Mattor and Lucie Teegarden (October 2009)

Long Island Landscapes and the Women Who Designed Them by Cynthia Zaitzevsky (May 2009)

A World of Her Own Making: Katharine Smith Reynolds and the Landscape of Reynolda by Catherine Howett (November 2007)

Vizcaya: An American Villa and Its Makers by Rybczynski and Olin (August 2007)

American Gardens by Sam Watters (May 2007)

The Oxford Companion to the Garden by Patrick Taylor (February 2007)

“Gardening on The Rock” (February 2005)

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"John Lee Pratt's Chatham Manor" (Fall 2017)


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Old-House Interiors magazine cover

Old-House Interiors

“Bellefield, The Secret Gardens of Beatrix Farrand” (June 2010)

“Romancing the Image” (November 2006)

“History Gardens: Shelburne Farms Family Gardens” (Fall 1998)

“History Gardens: Arts and Crafts Gardens” (Winter 1997)

“History Gardens: The Gardens of Saint-Gaudens” (Spring 1997)


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Pacific Horticulture magazine cover

Pacific Horticulture

“Shipman in Seattle” (Summer 1997)

Lost Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll by Fenja Gunn (Summer 1992)

“Gertrude Jekyll’s American Legacy” (Winter 1989)

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The Royal Oak Foundation cover

The Royal Oak Foundation

"Gertrude Jekyll's Gardens at Lindisfarne Castle" (Spring 2012)

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Gardens for a Beautiful America by Sam Watters
(Spring 2014)

Maybeck's Landscape: Drawing in Nature by Dianne Harris (Fall 2006)

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Studies in Decorative Arts cover

Studies in the Decorative Arts (Bard Graduate Center)

“Defining Their Turf: Pioneer Women Landscape Designers” (Fall-Winter 2000–2001)

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The Cultural Landscape Foundation logo

The Cultural Landscape Foundation

“Biography of Beatrix Farrand” (2009)

“Women Take the Lead in Landscape Art” (2002)